Performance-focussed ecommerce with a creative heart | Shopify Plus Partner & Shopify Agency, Leeds
About us

About us

Performance-focussed ecommerce with a creative heart

Shopify Plus partner, Leeds UK

Our story

I'm a Mac, he's a PC

Onstate was founded in 2010 by Chris Marshall and Rich Day. Rich ran his own brand consultancy having previously held senior creative roles with a number of digital agencies. Chris managed ecommerce for a high street fashion retailer, taking it from launch to £20m sales in 3 years.

The agency was born out of this combined expertise, and their 'creative ecommerce' ethos remains with us to this day.

Today we're an experienced team of ecommerce specialists, helping a range of brands and retailers to sell across all channels.

Our beliefs: brand has value

When markets become increasingly commoditised, having a clear brand proposition helps you stand out. We love working with brands for this reason: you must persaude and convert. The storytelling and service opportunities this presents, and the creative use of technology required to deliver them is our meat and drink.

Our beliefs: customer insight wins

If you do not place empathy with your customer at the heart of your decision-making, you will fall short of your goals.

We help you elicit detailed insight from data, from your team and from your customers themselves. This will help inform decisions made in projects.

Our beliefs: relationships matter

We build long-term relationships founded on mutual respect. This affords us the luxury of developing a detailed understanding of our clients' business. We like it when our clients refer to us as a 'partner' or 'an extension of our team'.

Our beliefs: technology can kill

...innovation. We frequently meet businesses that are paralysed. Bloated and expensive technologies that promised to liberate them are in fact holding them back. We've worked on many of these, but now specialise in Shopify. Why? Simply because it allows you to get things done faster and more cost-effectively than most of the others. 

Onstate's ability to add value across the ecommerce and creative space has been extremely valuable to us.
Barbara Wills - Head of Digital Product, Brown Thomas

Barbara Wills
Head of Digital Product, Brown Thomas


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