How do you convey the prestige of a luxury jeweller online, without losing sight of its heritage? | Shopify Plus Partner & Shopify Agency, Leeds
Ronald Abram

Ronald Abram

How do you convey the prestige of a luxury jeweller online, without losing sight of its heritage?

Onstate were tasked with turning a physical store to a virtual one. A transactional website was the requirement. Maintaining the integrity of the Ronald Abram brand was the expectation. And increasing customer engagement through a personal connection was the ambition.

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  • Brand development
  • Design system / UI & UX
  • Development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Content population
  • Digital marketing

Key Features

  • Multi-store (HK+US) with currency switcher
  • Bespoke PDP templates for different categories
  • POA request function & integration

To translate the same offline experience online, we had to immerse ourselves in the brand, employ emotional design and have faith in the functionality. We had to think heartbeats, not clicks. We had to allow a customer’s experience to go beyond the buying of products. And we had to extend the service to new hearts and minds in different territories.

Reaffirming family heritage in a digital first experience

Analysis of the Ronald Abram archives allowed us to understand its heartbeat. Like us, service and attention to detail superseded all else. Without passion and patience, it’s likely neither of us would exist. That being said, it was paramount to portray the family ethos and heritage in a digital format we could both digest.

As attentive as an atelier

Heritage, ethos and values transformed into typefaces, iconography and ecommerce. The scrupulous craft that gave Ronald Abram its name is reflected in our own sensitive approach to bespoke styling. Each and every element is meticulously pored over in our studio, much like a diamond ring is in Ronald Abram’s Hong Kong salon.

Offline elegance meets online excellence

To be able to bring all of the personalised and glamorised aspects of the showroom into the online store, we had to replicate a similar shopping experience for the customer. By understanding and empathising with the journey and needs of a jewellery collector, combined with underlining the craft and heritage of Ronald Abram, we hoped to give the shopper a similarly bespoke experience online.

We are a family-owned high jewellery brand based in Hong Kong. When we decided to rebrand our company in 2021 we were looking for an established and capable partner to guide us in our digital transformation. Onstate helped us refresh our corporate identity, create a new set of brand guidelines, build our website and they now handle our digital marketing. During the discovery process they asked all the right questions and took the time to understand our brand. We are very happy with all the work they have done for us and their team members are professional, patient and talented. They have been a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.

Jonathan ‘JJ’ Abram

The jewel in our crown

From offline to online without losing its shine. Ronald Abram's ecommerce adventure has only just begun. A truly collaborative process where patience met precision and resulted in performance.

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