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Encouraging ecommerce growth with plant people Prickle


Prickle’s passion is rooted in plants. They employ plant masters to help you achieve plant perfection in your home, by encouraging you to bring the outdoors indoors. Be it a small corner jungle or a plant companion on your work desk, Prickle aims to help you create your very own green oasis.


Newly sprouted plant specialist, Prickle Plants, approached us to develop their new house plant brand into an exciting new e-commerce solution, taking advantage of the resurgent trend in house plants by introducing life and colour into UK homes.

As the sister company to a well-established garden centre business, they wanted to hone all of their expertise and resources and nurture them into a vibrant brand with a simple ethos - to deliver high-quality house plants and provide the tools and knowledge to care for them.

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  • User research
  • Brand digitisation
  • Bespoke UI & UX
  • Custom development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Content population


Working closely with the client team, Onstate developed a strategy to bring their branding into a digital arena. This included involvement with ERPs, 3rd party services and consultation across multiple disciplines and requirements.

A bespoke UX was developed for the plant and pot purchase process by creating templates that were open to evolution, allowing the site to trade while new assets are created.

Product Elevation

Onstate believed in showcasing the star quality of each plant, whilst providing plenty of useful information alongside it, to aid the selection process. Enough information to guide both novices and green-fingered experts. 

A clear and consistent design of the iconography and information touchpoints would be crucial, so careful consideration was given to a design language that could expand with the site.

Shopify 2.0

This was an early opportunity for team Onstate to implement the enhanced metafield options of a recently released Shopify 2.0 update, which provides additional options for layout and product building.

In turn, we gave the client the tools to communicate messages to their customers through bespoke content blocks, suitable for hosting anything from image carousels to videos, taking full advantage of the ‘sections anywhere’ feature.

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