We create, we devise, we deliver and we build successful online businesses that are both profitable and sustainable. Let us tell you more…

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We don’t believe in beating around the bush. We’re experts in bold, beautiful and brilliant creative commerce with proven results that meet our clients’ needs – whether that’s increasing sales, driving footfall or improving user experience.
Sound good to you? We thought so.

We never were any good at playing it cool, so we’ll put our hands up and admit it – we care deeply about our clients and their businesses. What can we say – we’re a passionate bunch.

Onstate is about creativity with a commercial purpose. We’re open, direct and accountable, and we’re experts in our field. We want to work with clients who feel the same – no matter where they are, how many people they employ or what they offer their customers. We’ve created beautiful, intuitive websites for iconic brands, large companies and smaller, innovative businesses, and we’d love to do the same for you.

Go ahead. We’re listening.

We’re driven by results. We listen carefully to what you want, and then we show you how we’ll make it happen. Our clear solutions and expert guidance ensure we find the best way to make the most of your budget and maximise the return on your investment. That means no wrong turns and no dead ends – our work will always meet your objectives and we’ll ensure not a penny of your budget is wasted.

Been there, done that. 

We’ve got years of experience in creative ecommerce and we’re not afraid to use it – in fact, our clients have seen tangible commercial benefits from our in-depth knowledge. Here are just a few of our specialist subjects:

  • Creative ecommerce
  • Brand development
  • Website design
  • Sales and customer drivers
  • Information architecture

  • Usability
  • Digital marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Reliable and secure platforms
  • Maintenance and support
Our process

When our clients come to us with a new project, we use this 4-step method to ensure we get it right every time. We start with research – a detailed look at the relevant industry, competitor offerings, what’s working and what isn’t. Then we get creating, building the online solution that meets your business objectives. During delivery we work through every aspect of the project, adding or taking away where needed. And finally we analyse, looking at the impact of each project and using the results to adapt and grow.

Tell us what we can do for you.

Whatever you want to achieve – launching an online shop, taking an offline retail business online, improving your current ecommerce site or providing better service and fraud protection for your customers, we can help.

And we’re not just advisers and creators – we’ve worked in-house too, so we understand just how important this really is.

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We don’t believe in beating around the bush. We do creative commerce that’s bold, beautiful and brilliant. Sound good to you? Our clients thought so...

  • American Golf

    American Golf

    Ecommerce consultancy and UI design

    Appointed to redesign the American Golf website as part of a larger re-platforming exercise to Demandware.

    preview preview
  • Choo 24:7 Stylemakers

    Choo 24:7 Stylemakers

    Social ecommerce site creation.

    After our previous work with Jimmy Choo, we were invited to create Stylemakers, their new social media microsite.

    preview preview preview preview preview preview preview
  • Simply Be

    Simply Be

    Ecommerce consultancy and site development.

    Part of the UK’s leading direct home shopping company, Simply Be asked us to help to grow their worldwide ecommerce sales.

    preview preview preview preview preview preview
  • Second Nature

    Second Nature

    Web design, ecommerce consultancy and search marketing.

    We’ve been working with the award-winning kitchen designers since 2011, delivering a new site and launching digital and print advertising campaigns.

    preview preview preview preview preview preview
  • Homestore & More

    Homestore & More

    Multi-channel ecommerce solution.

    Ireland’s leading independent home wares retailer got in touch with us in 2011 to design and develop a multi-channel retail service.

    preview preview preview preview
  • JB Furniture

    JB Furniture

    Web design and search marketing.

    A family business with over 140 years’ history, JB Furniture wanted us to help them drive footfall to their store through online advertising.

    preview preview preview preview preview
  • Corsage Creations

    Corsage Creations

    Ecommerce consultancy and multi-channel marketing.

    The worldwide supplier to the florist industry for over 120 years, Douthwaites asked us to help launch their new Corsage Creations brand in 2010.

    preview preview preview preview
  • Orange Communications SA

    Orange Communications SA

    Website development

    We work with Orange Switzerland to continually redevelop their online store.

    preview preview preview preview
  • PWS


    Bespoke ecommerce platform and branding.

    PWS are the market leader in kitchen supplies and in 2012 they asked us to develop their new B2B ecommerce platform.

    preview preview preview preview preview preview
  • Fashion Union

    Fashion Union

    Ecommerce site audit, redesign & launch.

    The on-trend and rapidly growing fashion retailer asked us to help improve their ecommerce offering.

    preview preview preview preview preview
  • Metris Kitchens

    Metris Kitchens

    Search marketing and new site creation.

    Metris are one of Britain’s leading independent luxury kitchen brands. We have been working with them for over two years to help promote their brand online.

    preview preview preview preview preview preview preview
  • Papini


    Brand consultancy, web design and multi-channel marketing.

    Papini’s corporate workwear is worn by the staff in many high-street shops and large businesses. We help to grow their business online.

    preview preview preview preview
  • Jimmy Choo

    Jimmy Choo

    Consultancy and web development

    The world-famous luxury brand tasked us with improving their online store over the past couple of years.

    preview preview preview preview
  • Panacea


    Bespoke dynamic site creation and branding.

    The famous Manchester bar and restaurant invited us to design and develop their new website in 2011.

    preview preview preview preview preview preview preview
  • Manhattan Jets

    Manhattan Jets

    Branding, website and print brochure creation.

    The well-established bespoke jet charter and management company asked us to help create a new brand identity and website.

    preview preview preview preview preview preview
  • Memory Foam Warehouse

    Memory Foam Warehouse

    Ecommerce audit, site redesign and replatforming.

    Memory Foam Warehouse is one of the largest distributors of memory foam mattresses in the UK. We are currently building their new site on Magento Enterprise.

    preview preview preview preview preview


We create clever solutions that enable our clients to trade effectively online. We design and build beautiful, intuitive and professional ecommerce stores. We do all this using Magento and Venda, and we do it really well.

When customers visit your website, we want them to have a happy experience. That’s why we create websites that are designed to improve the customer journey – from the first click to the last.

We combine an innovative eye for UX design and a passion for usability with Magento, a flexible ecommerce platform that supports our ideas and allows us to meet your requirements.

Magento gives us full control of the user experience, so it can be tailored to suit your customers and their specific needs.

The platform gives us access to a range of features that enhance and improve the customer journey, so our development team can create an ecommerce solution that ticks all of your boxes.

We’re experts in creating comprehensive ecommerce solutions that work in the real world – across online, mobile, social and in-store channels using the Venda platform.

Venda is the world’s largest on-demand ecommerce provider. Processing over $1Bn of transactions annually, its highly flexible convergent cross-channel platform offers retailers the scalability, stability and security for deploying world-class ecommerce sites. With over ten years’ experience and a presence in the UK, US and France, Venda helps global retailers increase revenues and deliver a return on investment faster than traditional ‘buy and build’ methods.

As of June 2012, over 100 brands of all sizes use Venda’s platform to handle millions of transactions each month. These include Anthropologie, Emma Bridgewater, Jimmy Choo, Laura Ashley, Paperchase, Royal Doulton, TK Maxx, Urban Outfitters and Clothing at Tesco, BBC and Orange.

We have a wealth of experience in delivering end-to-end solutions, bespoke functionality and successful retail operations on the Venda platform, meaning we can offer a full suite of development, creative and operational expertise.

Interested? We provide a fully managed service for businesses that want to trade on these market-leading platforms. Our development team is also highly versed in customising other off-the-shelf open source products including MODX, WordPress and Prestashop. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business.


Everything we do is focused on you and your business – from creating ecommerce solutions to delivering tangible results.


We’re a cooperative of experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated folk with specialist insight and a great understanding of all things digital. Meet our executive team – Rich, Chris and Matt…

  • Richard Skirrow

    Richard Skirrow

    Digital Project Manager

    Rich is our highly experienced PM. In his spare time he manages a kid’s football team. He’s yet to confirm which rabble is more unruly.


  • Gerard Corcoran

    Gerard Corcoran

    Non Exec Director

    Gerard uses his considerable experience as CEO and board member in the industry to scare the team into doing things properly.


  • Oscar Masood

    Oscar Masood

    Senior Web Designer

    Oscar is passionate about genuinely exciting things in life. And web design. He’s worked in design for ten years and is behind some of our best work.


  • Tim Cross

    Tim Cross

    Senior Web Designer

    A Geordie-in-exile, Tim has been with us since Spring 2012. He’s been working the digital Crayola for over a decade, building an impressive portfolio.


  • Ian Williams

    Ian Williams

    Search Marketing Manager

    Ian is probably not as serious as his picture suggests. He’s a CIM-qualified search marketer with experience managing six-figure search budgets.


  • David Greenwood

    David Greenwood

    Senior Web Developer

    Greeny is our web development wiz. He enjoys music, movies, and teaching his son to sneak up on his wife. He also keeps score on the office brew run.


  • Andy Jamieson

    Andy Jamieson

    Web Developer

    Andy describes himself as ‘a highly skilled web developer and resident geek’. What more can you say? Catchphrase: “What’s this now?”


  • Rob Hunter

    Rob Hunter

    Web Developer

    Alex Ferguson, oil, and beef. Rob Hunter may just be Aberdeen’s fourth-most famous export if he continues his excellent work on the Venda platform.




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